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Aftershock Our Story

​At Aftershock Creative, our business model is simple. We are a “lean & mean” boutique agency that focuses on great creative and outstanding client service.

After more than 25+ years, we’re just as passionate as we’ve ever been. Through providing a complete range of creative, design, production and project management services, we’ve made it our business to make our client’s satisfaction our number one priority.   


Not sure where to begin? Relax and leave it up to us!

It doesn't matter if your business is a newborn start-up or established. We’ve been around long enough to know how to do things right, from strategy to concept to execution all while working within budget and timelines.

Peter Blake, Creative Director

Peter Blake,

Managing Partner &
Co-creative Director

As a managing partner in Aftershock, Peter not only brings leadership and business sense, he also has a background in creative/art direction which makes him an invaluable team leader. His commitment to client service is second-to-none - interpreting wants and needs into strategy and creative direction. With experience in creative, communications and business sectors, plus a consistently upgraded knowledge base in digital opportunities, Peter is the client’s designated guardian of the creative and protector of the strategy.

Julie Blake, Senior Designer

Julie Blake,

Managing Partner &
Co-creative Director

Julie keeps a watchful eye on daily studio operations and is also an extremely talented designer with an unfailing eye for detail. Her talents encompass corporate identity, strategic marketing development, page layout/assembly, project management and much more. Her enthusiasm and work ethic constantly astound clients - keeping the atmosphere fresh and projects on track. Clients have benefited greatly from having this organizational whirlwind take the reins on their projects.

Terry Cullen, Art Director

Terry Cullen,

Art Director

Terry has extensive experience with a wide range of market segments, from kids toys to food service, entertainment and retail. His skills in design, photowork, creative concepts and website creation are invaluable assets. His natural affinity for web design makes Terry Aftershock’s digital go-to guy. Terry is also an accomplished photographer, capturing product, portrait, and model-based images for a wide range of clients, both on-site in our studio and off-site on location. He provides the extra sizzle that takes a concept from very good to ridiculously great. 

Awards for Grapgic design and Advertising.


The purpose of any campaign or project is not necessarily to win awards. ROI and meeting project goals come first. But great work does have a tendency to garner recognition.

In recent years, Aftershock and our clients have basked in more than our fair share of the limelight.

The accolades have included:

  • six ICSC Maple Leaf Awards

  • one Maxi Award

  • three EDCO Awards

  • one DesignEdge Reggie Award

  • four Summit Creative International Awards

​That’s our story.

We’d love to hear yours. Or better yet, help you craft it.

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