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Aftershock Client List

We Love Doing Great Work For Great People!

Here are a few of the companies that Aftershock has had the pleasure of working with:

Avmor Logo
Durham's Children & Youth Planning Network Logo
Durham Family Court Clinic Logo
Durham Region Transit Logo
Events In Sync Logo
Erin Mills Logo
First Durham
Oshawa Generals Logo
Grandview Kids Logo
Honda Logo
Jeffery Homes Logo
Kelly Greenway Bruce Logo
Lawn Enforcement Logo
Lansdowne Place Logo
Mason Bennett Johncox Logo
Pen Centre Logo
Royal Service Real Estate Logo
Sawchuk Consulting Logo
Schaufler Logo
Trafalgar Castle School Logo

Case Studies  
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Jeffery Homes was looking to update their creative for their new development, as well as their other business sectors, while still maintaining key features and graphics for brand consistency.



Create a new and updated brand using inherited design components such as an existing logo and colour scheme. This new creative needed to convey that Jeffery Homes is a category leader as a premium home builder in Durham Region. 



Determine which existing design elements were key to maintain branding consistency. Aftershock used these inherited elements along with updated fonts, messaging and photography to create a clean, modern brand that works across a broad spectrum of communication pieces. A new Model Home and signage completed this brand transformation and helped propel Jeffery Homes to the next level. Eye-catching design and messaging makes Jeffery Homes stand out from the crowd. Aftershock also developed an updated Custom Homes brand which included signage and marketing materials.

Case Study1



Trafalgar Castle has been a long-standing client of Aftershock. We are proud to continue to work together with them as an extension of their marketing team on numerous branding projects.



Maintain consistent branding on marketing and communications, despite frequent changes in the medium, the message or the size and scale of the project.



One of the first projects Aftershock helped Trafalgar Castle with was their Student Prospectus. This piece focused on the "girls" and what makes Trafalgar Castle a truly special experience as an outstanding all girls school in Whitby. Trafalgar’s talented staff photographer consistently provides us with outstanding images to use on our creative. Over the years, Aftershock has focused on this photography, as well as the Trafalgar brand colours and fonts to create a wide variety of marketing pieces that are instantly recognizable and are a true reflection of this one-of-a-kind progressive school.

Case Study 2



Durham Region Transit (DRT) came to Aftershock to assist in the naming and brand development of what would become a flagship service property.



Establish a name, logo, colour scheme and all brand components for DRT’s rapid transit line. It needed to be compatible with the existing corporate brand, but create the impression that it is even “better, faster and slicker”. A significant amount of internal consultation and public consultation contributed to the process as well, and needed to be factored into the final creative.



Extensive research was completed and a list of 12 possible sub-brand names was provided to the client. The client undertook the process of internal polling to reduce the choices to their top 4 options. It was obvious that the clear winner emerging consistently throughout each stage of the process was “DRT Pulse”. A logo and brand guidelines were developed, a full line of Pulse buses have been wrapped in the brand colours/graphics, there are Pulse-branded bus shelters, and strong brand awareness has been built from the ground up. The result is a service, and a brand, that has been embraced by its target market, and the public at large.

Case Study 3
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