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Aftershock Case Studies

Rates & Fees
Minimum project cost for new clients $800.00 (+ HST).

Retainer and frequency discounts are available for ongoing clients with a minimum anticipated monthly spend of $3,000 (+ HST).

Terms & Costing 

Each project is different and is costed individually based on time and cost projections.

Studio time is estimated at $120/hour  (+ HST).

An approved estimate is required before project work begins.

Terms For New Clients

Initial 1/3 deposit required at start of project.

Second 1/3 will be billed and due at conclusion of project.

Final 1/3 will be billed and due net 30 from conclusion date of project.

All costs are subject to 13% HST.

The Process


1.1 First Contact 

(establish the scope of client requirements)

1.2 Prepare Costing & Timeline

1.3 Client Kick-Off Meeting 

(firm up deliverables, responsibilities & timing)

1.4 Client Approval of Costing & Timeline

1.5 Work Begins 

(brainstorming, coordination with any outside sources, design & concept creation)


2.1 First Draft Presented

2.2 Client Revisions

2.3 Second Draft Presented

2.4 Client Revisions

2.5 Final Client Approval


3.1 File Prep

(for print production or online)

3.2 Distribution of Content

(traditional, digital or both)

3.3 Follow-up with Clients

(evaluate results vs. goals)

First contact to discuss your project's scope, budget, timing and logistical considerations is always free. This can be done in-person, by phone or online virtually, depending on your preference.

Not sure where to start?

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